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Below are the most commonly asked questions we receive about our products. If you don’t see your question(s) answered below, feel free to contact us using the Quick Contact Form to the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


How do I design my closet?

First, assess your closet/storage needs. How many running inches of hanging blouses/shirts/tops/and skirts/pants/suits, etc. could be “double hung” (above and below on hangbars)? How many inches of shelving do you require for shoes, handbags, accessories, or folded items, like sweaters or active wear? How many inches are needed for hanging longer items like dresses, coats or long pants? What would you wish to store in cabinet drawers? Understanding this total number of needs, will help guide your design plans. We offer methods that will help you select a design that best fits your needs. First, review our pre-designed selection (click here) to see if any apply, or come close to fulfilling your space and storage needs. If so, simply fill in your exact closet wall dimensions and we will configure your kits sizes within a range of 4” increments. If you don’t see the exact configuration that you desire, simply fill in the one-page information sheet (click here) or simply call us and speak to one of our design professionals who can help you maximize your space. Having your basic closet measurements and your wardrobe needs will be helpful when speaking to one of our experienced expert designers. (Click here for easy measuring guide and wardrobe check list/worksheet.)

I have an unusual space or obstruction in my closet that are outside your offered selections. Do you customize your products or manufacture specials?

Yes. Please contact one of our design professionals (click here or call 877-350-7245), and they will help you with your design and efficiency.

If I want to purchase one of your predesigned closets but would like the dimensions closer to my wall sizes than the ones listed-can I do that?

Yes. Call us or let us know on the design side of our site, and we will adjust the sizes to fit the closest 1” from your actual measurements for the same cost.

Why do you suggest ordering the closet kits 1” shorter than the wall dimensions?

Our experienced installers often make note that most walls are not perfectly even or flat and may vary somewhat. Our products/systems do not need adjacent walls or wall dividers to support our rail kits. In order to avoid “too tight” of measurements and to help make sure that your installation goes without a hitch we suggest about a 1” shorter length for your kit. Simply split the difference when installing and your installation goes quickly. The 1” difference will not affect your storage space.

Can I reconfigure the closet once it is installed?

Absolutely! We designed and engineered our system knowing that today’s consumer may wish to adjust their closet layout to accommodate changes in seasonal wardrobes as well as fashion changes. Your wardrobe changes-now with our patented rail and outrigger systems, your closet can change easily with fashion (and the seasons too)!

How does your system work?

We start with a T5056 anodized aluminum extruded rail that attaches to the studs in your wall. Step two is to snap in all attachments (shelf brackets, outriggers, and cabinets) into the rail. It is that simple! Nothing sits on the floor making vacuuming quick and easy!

Can I get finish samples?

Yes. If you would like a complete sample kit, which includes brochures, and wood finishes as well as samples of the bracket, rail, hangrod, end cap, there is a $30.00 charge. If you purchase a complete sample kit, we will include a $30.00 OFF coupon that can be used on orders of $750.00 or more. Click here to order your Sample Kit TODAY.

How strong are your products?

When properly installed, basic wall kits will easily carry 50 pounds per foot. Shelf kits and drawer units will carry up to 300 pounds per unit.

What are your drawers made of on your cabinets?

We manufacture all drawer units using birch plywood with edges banded. The drawers are finished in a clear furniture grade varnish. All drawers are constructed using quality dovetail joint technology and come with full extension 100-pound drawer glides.

What are the interior sizes of your drawer units?

The inside dimensions of the three drawer unit is: 15” deep x 32.5” wide x 6.25” high. The inside dimensions of the 4 drawer unit are: top drawer is 11”deep x 21” wide x 6.25” high, and the remaining 3 drawers are 13” deep x 21” wide x 6.25”h

How deep are your shelf units?

We offer two depth sizes: 11-3/4” (12”), suggested for reach in closets, and 13-3/4” (14”), suggested for walk in closets. Reach-ins generally need to be slightly shorter in depth to allow enough space and be less cumbersome to reach in and remove items in an often more restricted space.

What are the materials used to manufacture your products?

The rail is manufactured using anodized T5056 aluminum. The brackets, outriggers, hooks, pegs, and hangrods are commercial grade cold rolled steel with either a powder coated finish (brackets) and polished chrome finish or an electroplated finish in satin nickel. All shelves and cabinet bodies are manufactured using ¾” industrial grade particle board with thermo fused melamine on both faces with matching edge banding. The melamine will either have a fine grain embossed finish for the white selection or an open grain embossed finish for the wood selections.


How do I place an order for my closet?

There are two ways you can purchase your closet system. 1. Purchase securely on line. Start by finding the size closet that best fits your space. Select from the pre-configured choices that are offered. Select the finishes desired. Input the actual size of your space. Check out. 2. Place your order by phone 1-877-350-7245.

What forms of payment can I use to purchase my new closet?

We accept the following forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal, or you can send a personal check. Orders must be paid 100% in advance before we process your order.

Can I modify pre-configured closet designs?

Absolutely! Just give us a call at 877-350-7245, and one of our design specialists will help you maximize your space.

Can I order components or additional parts?

Yes. That is the beauty of our system. We developed it to reconfigure quickly and easily as your needs and wardrobe change. All of the components click into the rail mounted onto the wall. Add a cabinet, more shelves, or new accessories. They all work together to maximize your space. We are here to serve you! Let us know what you need and we will be happy to facilitate your request.

If I start a design now can I still get the promotion that expires soon?

Yes! Call our design studio @ 877-350-7245 and ask to have the promotion locked in today. The promotion will expire 30 days after it is locked in.

Can I get a quote to compare to a quote from another company?

Yes. Attach your design to our info page and a designer will contact you within 48 hours with a comparative proposal.


How long does it take to install your system?

The majority of closet systems on the market take a considerably long time to install, thus driving up your overall closet costs. Our system is one of the fastest installed closet systems on the market today. No need for on-site cutting, fitting and trimming. All of the parts arrive pre-sized and factory cut per your specifications. We generally allow ½-3/4 hours per rail kit and each add-on kit. After installing a few kits, we have had some installers improve to 15-20 minutes per kit. The overall installation time will also depend on the size and number of add-on components ordered for your space. A normal medium size closet should take about 2-3 hours to complete, ready to organize your entire wardrobe.

We have metal studs in our home. How do we securely attach your system to them?

We will supply you with self-drilling metal tec screws, designed specifically for securely installing our rail into metal studs. Just let us know that you have metal studs when you place your order. Otherwise, all orders are shipped with wood screws.

We have masonry walls in our home. How do we securely attach your system onto them?

We will supply you with Tapcon masonry screws. Just let us know when you order.

Do you offer installation?

We currently offer professionally trained & bonded installation in the following areas: Chicago, Central Indiana, and Orlando. We are qualifying additional installers throughout the United States. If your home is not listed in one of these areas give us a call at 877-350-7245 to see if we have added an installation company in your community. If you are an installer and want to find out more about our opportunities, either click here or reach out and call us at 877-350-7245.

How do I install my closet?

We provide clear and simple installation instructions and diagrams to make your installation exceptionally easy! Take time and save time by watching our 3 minute installation video hosted by Scott Morgan long time host with HGTV.

Is there cutting involved in the installation of your products?

No. We factory size everything based on the dimensions that you provide. There is an old wood-working saying “measure twice and cut once”. Please verify your dimensions prior to placing your order.

What tools are needed to install my closet?

You will need a measuring tape, a stud finder, and a pencil for marking, bubble or laser level, a power drill, an impact driver (hammer drill works best), a 7/32” drill bit, a 1/8” drill bit, an apex driver for drill, and a Philips-head driver for power drill. When installing the rail with a regular drill (it is ok if you don’t have an impact drill) you will need to pre-drill the wood studs using a 1/8” diameter drill bit.


How long does it take for you to ship my closet once we order it?

Base kits with add-on shelving kits typically take 3 working days. Add another 3 days for orders with drawer units. Transit can range from 1-5 days depending on your location and method of transit.

Is there a cost for shipping?

Shipping to the contiguous 48 States is always free. We do ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Internationally. We can give you an exact cost once we know your project size and location.

How do you ship?

We ship via UPS, FedEx, and common carrier. The method used is determined by your order size, configuration, and location.

Do I need to be home when my order is delivered?

For orders that are shipped common carrier, you will need to meet the truck at your home. The truck lines will call 24 hours ahead to schedule a delivery window. For orders that are shipped UPS or FedEx (typically smaller orders) you will not need to be present as long as you feel comfortable that your merchandise will be safe from theft or the elements.

How much packing materials will there be to deal with a after I unpack the shipment?

Based on the project size, you will have cardboard boxes that can be flattened, and on common carrier transit you will have 1 or more pallets to discard.

Do you offer inside delivery?

Yes. We offer inside delivery on common carrier orders for an additional cost. Costs vary on the size of the shipment and location of delivery. Additional costs typically run between $80 – $250. If requested, we will verify the additional amount within 48 hours after your order is placed.

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